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Pirates Baseball Club (Online)


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Newsletter 1:

Pirates Baseball Club

Newsletter NO.1

A belated welcome to all our players and their parents. We sincerely hope that by this stage you are enjoying your tee-ball/baseball.

At the present time, the junior club is being operated by members of the senior club. These people have had a long association with Pirates Baseball Club. You have probably already meet most of these people. To let you know who they are their names are listed below:

Ken and Debbie Coulter ??th are ?e members? pirates. Ken is currently coaching under 12? contact PH: 43282771
Tony and Robyn Anderson ??ny is a ?e member?ony is currently coaching an Under 10? contact PH: 43622341

We wish also to introduce you to the following people who are giving their assistance.

 Under 8? Jon Kealy (coach) Ph: 43246036; assisted by Shaun Brown
 Under 10?irates Green ??ter Grothen (coach) Ph 43681012, assisted by Paul Anderson
 Under 10?irates Gold ??ny Anderson (coach) Ph:43622341, assisted by Mark Grothen and Josh Sholberg
 Under 12? (coach) Ken Coulter ??:43282771
 Under 14? (coach) Greg Eather ?? 43245414, assisted by Greg Sutherland ??special mention to Greg because we have just recently found out that Greg coached 3 teams last year. Two under 12? simultaneously. He trained them together and on competition night coached both teams until another coach arrived from work I n Sydney. Also, he coached an Under 14?he next night.

At this point in time, there are many of you trying to make it a little easier for us to get the juniors up and running again. Believe us, it has been a long time since our children were in under 8?There are many of you out there who have grabbed the score sheets/books, helped me fit players into uniforms, collecting the umpires money, just talking to us in general about the juniors. We really do appreciate it and if there is any more information you can help us with, especially if your child has been associated with Pirates in previous years, to help us put PIRATES BASEBALL CLUB back to one of the best clubs on the Central Coast, please let me know.


Unfortunately, this topic has to come up at sometime. I really do thank everybody for paying so promptly. There are just a few outstanding fees owing and if at all possible I would like to be able to finalise these by Christmas. I have been walking around to each age group each week, but if you find it difficult to find me just ask your coach and he could probably point you in my direction.
Under 14? $70 Under 12, 10 and 8? $60


Hats are now available. Again I will be walking around ?? pleas4e find me. But to make it a little easier, Debbie Coulter of under 12?ill also have some. If you are able to Debbie the exact money it would make it easier. Yes, they have gone up as I suspected with GST. The cost of hats are now $14 each.

I hope this first newsletter has been hopeful.
Yours in Sport, Robyn Anderson